Safety advice


Click4less wants you to have fun, keep in touch with friends, make new ones and increase your sales and customers but in a safe manner. The virtual world is a big place and you should take care of your reputation.

Here are a few simple but very important tips you should follow:

  • Never share your password. You can reset password when necessary.
  • Never share personal identification e.g.(personal mailing address, identification number, phone numbers)
  • Under the age of 18, have an adult drive you to and meet with the person if necessary.
  • People can see your uploads. Think before posting content that might embarrass you or others down the road.
  • Have fun but remember your reputation is being shown to the world and this world is a very small place.
  • Any content that is inappropriate, abusive or suspicious must be reported immediately. Report Abuse
  • Read more about Click4less Terms & Conditions.

Code of Conduct

Click4less is a place to have fun, search deals, chat your mind, make friends and hang out. It's a happy world and we want to keep it that way. We don't ask a lot here in Click4less but we are asking you to respect and protect our community. Love thy click4less neighbor, friendly clicks (groups) and follow these simple rules to make Click4less a great place for the world.

Be Kind to Yourself and Neighbors:
Click4less is a vast community with many different types of users with numerous interests. Make each other feel welcome. You don't always have to agree, but be respectful in all that you do. Think, before you post. Absolutely no flame wars.

Welcome New Clickers:
It's no always easy to just jump into a community, so be sure to welcome in new users. You remember what it was like to be new. Become a community leader and help show others around or even invite them to join your click!

Control Yourself:
Your words are out there for everyone to see, so be responsible in what you choose to include in your posts. You will be held accountable, so write positively and respectfully. Keep it clean.

Keep it Positive:
Just because someone is different or doesn't agree with you, doesn't give you the right to be rude. Bullies have few friends and guess what; we all know who you are when you add a cruel post. Beware we can block you or subject to termination. This is not a place to rant, vent or harass, especially towards other establishments, businesses or other users.

Not So Positive, List Out Facts
If necessary, when need to give a not so positive review to a user or a business, please write the incident or experience in details. Details should include, when, where and who were making your experience not pleasurable. Please state the facts only. Any profanity words would be blocked or masked. Users with many of these blocks would be subject to banding from click4less community.