Company info

About Click4less

Click4less was created by a small restaurant owner, Sam, FOR business owners. Sam understood the hard work it took to build a local small business and how easily media marketing companies would come by charging exorbitant fees which cut deeply into his profits. This upset him, and with his computer science background, he sought out to create a media platform which would be free to use and totally controlled by the business owner themselves. The recipe was easy; by allowing business owners to create and manage their own marketing media, no additional costs needed to be charged. In essence, the hard work put in by the business owners would translate into savings.

Corporate Responsibility

Doing What’s Right

At Click4less, our corporate responsibility is aligned with the notion of keeping the world green and clean. We strive to do so by reducing paper waste and increase efficiency on consumer information. These responsibilities guide Click4less’s culture and drive everything we do.

Click4less believes this responsibility is shared by both the customers and businesses. One of our top goals is to create the biggest and the cleanest direct marketing site in the world. We strive to serve the needs of customers through green innovative technologies that break new ground in the areas of marketing ads, retail coupons, direct marketing, and information channeling to needed customers.

Putting People First

We believe that the success of our company is directly related to the health of the local economy, community, and ultimately the individual. As a result, we have been working with businesses around the world and communicating with them to continuously adopt a faster, direct, cleaner and greener marketing environment. Our collective involvement with different nationalities helps strengthen our communities while enriching the lives of millions around the world.

Leadership Team

Samuel Kang

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Samuel is the CEO and founder of Click4less. He is the visionary behind the company's business development & strategies. Previously, Samuel founded Roasty Toasty Restaurant. With a new gained perspective, he created Click4less with the goal of helping business owners cut marketing costs while passing savings to customers as well. Prior to the franchise, Sam was a firefighter, and then worked as an OEM Operation Manager at a computer hardware company. Thereafter, Samuel served as a Chief Product Architect and Product Marketing Manager at a computer hardware manufacturer. Sam is a seasoned PM and been with varies software companies

Samuel holds an A.S. in Fire Science, B.S. in Chemistry from UC Irvine, M.S. in Computer Science Technology and a M.B.A. in Finance from Azusa Pacific University. Besides work, Sam has ideas pouring out from his head daily. Sam loves reading and writing down ideas during his daily number 2. Otherwise, he loves teaching, cooking, kayaking and sailing.

Sean Downey

Co-founder & Chief Engineering Officer

Sean is a co-founder of Click4less. Sean has developed numerous social media websites over the years. His daily duty is to brainstorm ideas with team members and execute ideas. Sean is very passionate about open source and loves php, mysql and cake. Sean has been a brillant programmer since the day he was born. Sean holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Azusa Pacific University.

In his free time, Sean likes to play with his son and go blow up things. Sean likes to sing music in the woods while pretending he is Paul Bunyan.

Amudhan Ramappa

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Amu is a co-founder of Click4less. Amu is responsible for the company’s IT infrastructure. Previously, Amu worked for Consumer Track Inc. where he served as a software developer. Amu holds a B.E. in Electronic Communication from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India and a M.S. in Computer Science Technology from Azusa Pacific University.

Amu loves to play with his son and his two cats when he has free time. In addition, has his own “Amugo” currency at Click4less which he intends to introduce it to the world in a couple of years.

Herbert Gamble

Chief Financial Officer

Herbert has over 21 years of experience in the Computer Science field. As a Senior Software Engineer, he has developed numerous applications and Graphical User Interfaces for companies such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Wilshire Associates, SeeBeyond, SUN Microsystems and Technicolor. He is a certified Java Programmer who has specialized in the areas of Graphical User Interface design and development. Herbert holds a B.S. in Computer Science from CSU Northridge.

In addition, Herbert is an accomplished artist who has had his oil paintings in display in Santa Clarita and Puerto Rico. Also, he has been the treasurer for two California gubernatorial candidates in 2006 and 2010.