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Click4less is Free and it is easy to use. In any business situation, an entrepreneur must think fast and quickly identify issues within a business. One must make the company 1. Better, 2. Faster, 3. Cheaper, 4. More Efficient, 5. Greener, 6. Cleaner. If you are just starting a business and you are new to the business world, we do suggest you read this free information. It has over 40 years of business experience in this section. If you are a guru in business then proceed to learn how to use to help you gain more customers.

BUSINESS 100 - Business is Fun! Thats right. Business is fun. It is fun to watch your business grow and it is exciting to sow and reap the fruits of your labor. If you are looking for a quick way to make money, starting a small business is definitely not for you. It is very much like growing a tree. It takes time to nuture. It starts with an idea or a seed. But It needs your attention and effort to water everyday, fend off insects or bugs, and it needs your guidance to survive and thrive. Most importantly you must love what you do. If you don't you won't be able to withstand the difficulties of starting up a business and you won't have fun doing it. It will seem like a drag to get up and you won't take care of it as much. Dream big and work on it everyday. If you have that down, you have a huge start against 90% of small business owners.

BUSINESS 101 - Control Your Stress: Stress is the number one killer in entrepreneurs. Heart disease and cancer are issues worsened from stress. Number one, you should know that nothing is more important than your health. If you do not have your health, you will not be able to run your business and take care of the people you love the most. No matter how much money you have, you will not be able to spend your rewards if you don't have your health. Having a healthy live style with regular exercise, eating right, and even laughing will help you decrease your stress and increase your longevity. In addition to having a healthy life style, you should write a “to do list” everyday and work on them. By writing the needed tasks down, you will not have to stress about what to do next. You can just concentrate on the task and finish them one by one, so in the future, you can collect the fruits from your labor. If you want to learn more about reducing stress click here. If you want to take a stress-test from a local doctor, click here to learn more.

BUSINESS 102 - Customer Service: Customer Service is Number One in Any Business. ALWAYS take care of them. They are your assets and without them you have NO business. Train your workers and manager to treat all customers well and treat all your customers the way you would want to be treated. Refrain from making racial or sexual jokes at your business. Do not tolerate these inappropriate talk from the customers as well. If the customers are causing issues, you always have the "The Rights to Refuse Service To Anyone". Jokes can run wild. And they may have the potential of keeping potential customers from returning to your store. You should also realize you are prone to lawsuits as well if you do not control these jokes and you could be sued for harassment.

Try to remember your customers’ names, faces, hobbies and job titles. That will enhance your rapport (capital) with the customers. Customers will tell their friends about what a wonderful time they had at your establishment.

BUSINESS 103– Network, Network: Start joining all your local business associations month before you open. Get to know your local city, schools, hospitals, car dealerships employees. Join the local chamber of commerce and talk about your business and how your establishment is different from others. Do Not talk trash about other businesses. Just let the world know that your business is awesome and you have the best customer service. In regards to trash talking, do worry; your competitors will do that for you. Your job is not to have a bad day of trash talking with your competitors. Your job is to do so well so you will shut down your competitors' businesses then get all their businesses. Pick your battle wisely.

BUSINESS 104A - Make your store feel like it is a franchise and well established. Always up sell your customers –A great businessman will be able to find out exactly what a customer wants within 30 seconds. You job is to try to guide the customers to the right items. Suppose you own a restaurant, and a customer came in and undecided and not sure what to buy. It is your job and to train your servers to guide the customer to the right item. You can ask if the person wants a meal or quick lunch, then meat or non meat, a drink or no drink. Tell the customer, for only 1 dollar more, you can get a refillable drink. Remember, once a customer comes into your establishment, they are potential repeat customers you have to do whatever necessary to keep the business in your establishment and not anyone else’s. Make sure the service is exceptional and the quality of your service or product is excellent. If you need a consultant in your area, click here.

Marketing 104B – If you have the best product in the world and no one knows it, you product is worth NOTHING but marketing is everything! If you think you have the BEST "Orange Chicken" on earth, well, you need to tell the whole world about it. If you do not tell the whole world about it, your orange chicken is worth nothing. Now, you can replace the noun and change it up with any other items such as baseballs, calculators, shoes, message. Learn how to use click4less marketing attributes click here.

If you want to know more about marketing, click here to find your local marketing consultants.

BUSINESS 105 - Cashflow – Having a good Positive Cashflow is very important. Do not ever over spend is a key to a successful business. A lot of start-up entrepreneurs have a lack of self control when it comes to money. Once they see the money coming in, many would want to spend on unnecessary or unrelated things. Yes money is coming in, but you need to start thinking about growing the business in long and short terms. You should always ask yourself if you need it or want it. Try to stay Cashflow positive when you are getting a lot of orders or getting in a lot of revenues. Save the money because there will be times when you wish you can have just one order or a customer.

What not to do is to be a nice guy and give all your profits away. One, your workers would believe that they truly deserves it and they would demand more next time. Two, never run a shop like it is a mom and pop unless the workers are really your family members. That sometimes is not a good idea either.

Nonetheless, staying positive is always a good idea to practice. If you need a local counselor click here.

BUSINESS 106 - Maintain A Good Team – One bad apple can cause the whole crate to rotten. You must keep your team under your control at all times. If you find there is a person who is causing issues with other workers, you must keep this person away from the pack and must not let him be the pack leader willingly or unwillingly. Once you have observed and identified the person, take him or her out of your equation nicely and smoothly. If the person thinks he or she can do a better job than you, it is time to control that person immediately. Remember people like to talk after hours and that is usually the time when people start having ill ideas. You need to be positive, proactive and control your scene.

BUSINESS 107– TRUST NO ONE – I’ve heard it all before and I have seen many businesses go down because of trust. Trust No One when it comes to money. You can trust people to do a task for you but once money is involved, trust no one. People fight over money all the time and that is a fact. You can try to be fair but your partner or worker might not be fair to you and at the end, you will be the one that loses out. Envy usually is the issue but many people have lost thousands for many different reasons. The owner is getting tired and stressed out, owner has too many stores, bookkeepers also deposits money, your most trusted secretary steals from you, etc. When you give empowers your workers, that’s when people (Even your wife’s best friend will take advantage of you and your business). Things to look out for: 1. Make sure the person is not in debt. 2. Make sure the person is ethical. 3. Make sure the person is not a gambler. 4. When you see and feel something that’s not right, you are probably right. You must start documenting everything right away.

BUSINESS 108 - Do Not Give Out Trade Secrets to Anyone, Even Your Best Friend – That’s right. One day this person could be your best friend and the next day, the person could be your worst enemy and holds your secrets against you. You might not believe it but best friends, even family members kill over money. There was this chicken restaurant in the early 1990s when family members killed each other over money. Of course in the end, the family got nothing except a few pushing daisies and few are in jail for life. You only tell what they NEED to know. Do not give out secrets, that’s why Coca Cola keeps its secret in a safe and KFC keeps their secret recipe in a safe too.

The bottom line is that you need to be in control of your own business. If you are tired, sell it. If you don’t look after and take care and shut up about your business right now, anything you say and do could be a liability later on. Your shady business you’ve been telling everyone about might be susceptible to liability. So please do not tell your best friend or your best workers about how you hide or cut cost, money, taxes, etc. because they might use it as a trump card on you later on or they might tell their best friends and so on. Then you are screwed.

BUSINESS 109 - Making Sure Documented & Signed By Your Employees and Vendors – Start keeping a file right away. If the employee did something wrong, immediately make a record and make sure the person signs it. Keep the documentation in a safe place. You are the cop at your own store. Waived the rights to sue all members of the company. They have read your hand book.

Vendors – Vendors are very tricky. Remember they are here to make money too. Ethical and Unethical, they will make mistakes and heated moments will arise. Make sure they sign a Non Competing Agreement (NCA), A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Waived the rights to sue all members of the company. Click here to find a business consultant in your area.

Business 110 - Firing Worker – Unfortunately, in the United States, it is very hard to fire an employee now days. I believe that it is hard in EU also. It is best that you do not fire the person yet let the person leave on his or her own terms. When the person leaves, make sure you give the person an awesome fair well party and make sure that he or she has signed all documentation pertain to leaving the job. In California, it is an AT WILL state meaning both parties can quit or be terminated anytime for any reason.

The "at-will doctrine" is a rule of contract law (which is state law). The rule is that an employee can quit at any time and an employer can fire an employee at any time and for any reason. Because this is a contract rule, the employer and employee are free to change it by agreement. But if their agreement is silent on the question, then the employee can be discharged without warning, without a hearing, and without a reason.

Make sure your worker have signed an application. Make sure your worker have signed and have a copy of your handbook. The handbook must disclose termination facts, time to work, job scope, dress codes, vacation, leaves, etc. Make sure the handbook is for you ( the Owner) and it is legally binding. Video Tapes is definitely a plus to have and witness would also be good to have. The main thing is your documentations. If you run into issues and would like to consult with an employer attorney click here.

BUSINESS 111– Video Surveillance – In the 21 st Century, it is important to have all the necessary products to help you succeed in this business world. Surveillance cameras are so advanced now days that there are owners who go into their store once a week while they watch the workers at home or at a golf course. If the workers are not doing what they’re suppose to do, the owner could immediately call them up and shape them back up. In addition, the owner would be able to record the incident and keep it in the workers file. Video surveillance is legal in U.S. courts.

If there is an incident within your store, such as robbery, slip and fall, choking, accident, you would have hard evidence to show the law enforcement or court. I personal would suggest you have a surveillance system that can record sound in addition to video.

Make sure that you allocate time to back up your surveillance videos into a DVD every month. If you don’t, the time when you really need it, you will not have it. When it rains, it pours HARD. If you need a CCTV click here.

BUSINESS 112 - Letting Worker Go – When a worker is not doing what he is suppose to do, it is time to let the worker go. There are many ways to do that, one best way is to strip down the person’s responsibilities. Number one reason why people like to stay at their job is because of work environment. NO it is not about money. Money definitely comes second but if the person does not like the environment anymore, the person will tend to move on to another job. When the worker is not what you are looking for or expecting while the probationary trail is over, the best thing to do is to make the person miserable. In addition, any issues that may arise document everything, save all video tapes pertaining to the issue, sign all write ups and be nice to the person. If you need more information in regards to this matter click here.

BUSINESS 113 - Handbook – Handbook is very important in your establishment. You will need a handbook for all employees and it must be accessible to all members. Handbook is your bylaw for your company. If you need someone to write or look over your a handbook, click here now.

BUSINESS 114 - Do Not Be a NICE Guy - Workers are here to work and you are not their savior or their best fiend. If they are not performing continuously, document immediately and fire or make the person quit. This matter is very serious. You need to document their performance fairly. Do not please and spoil your workers or else they will take advantage of you. They will. They always do. Especially the ones that are in debts or the ones that are from a lower class. Those you need to watch out for. Just remember this: imagine you are at a cliff. It is very easy to be drag down by the lower (hanging person), yet it is very hard to pull someone up. The person must use every might to climb up but in reality, most people give up.

Do not be too nice to your customers also. They will always be wanting that special treatment you gave them on that one occasion. If you were not there, and your worker gave the person less, you will be hearing it for the rest of your life. Then you might need to gave the person something else just to please him.

BUSINESS 115 - Getting a Good Attorney – Have a friend that is an attorney is a good idea. If don't have one, go find a friend that is an attorney; a shark on land. There are thousands of attorneys out there and many of them are ambulance chasers. They are all hungry and pissed off at their jobs (I don’t know any attorneys that like their jobs). They just wanted to be rich quick and they would take your money in order for them to prevail. So be careful on picking the right attorney for you. Make sure that they have not been disbarred or suspended for unethical reasons. Make sure that they graduated from a reputable university. Hopefully he or she is your friend or a family member. Take care of this person as he or she will take care of you. Make sure the attorney is in the field of Employment and Business Corporate laws.

Many unethical attorneys out there to rape you and think you are the great ATM machine. I had a time when this plaintiff’s attorney who didn’t even work one hour worth of work and stated that I owe her 40,000 USD of service because the plaintiff is suing a fruitfulness case. These people are leeches and the scum of the earth. You must control your company and prevent any workers from suing you. Being sued is not fun and it could increase your stress tremendously and increase your cost of doing business (oppertunity cost). Need to learn more, click here to talk to a local attorney.

In addition, the bottom line is this, I have seen it all before. If even the glove fits the hand can still get away from murder. Just make sure you have your evidence squared away, hire the right attorney and pray that your judge isn't have a bad day. The outcome of your case has much to do with the temperament of the judge.

BUSINESS 116 - Maintaining Good Records – Make sure you have a good record keeping system. Yes, you will need to do a lot of work on this. But you are the owner and you will have to be on top of your records and on top of all the other important stuff you will need to do daily. The most important information is you books. You need to keep all records for 7 years in California. Other states might be different. Remember the IRS is not your friendly neighbor. Make sure you pay them on time or else you will incur penalties or you might even have a lean on your establishment.

Keeping a good record will help you fend off unethical vendors. Sometimes, vendors will give you additional invoices just because they might think you are not keeping a good record. Restaurant vendors may add in additional food cost or hike up the price with you do not look after the prices. In addition, I have heard that phone companies might add a few more bucks on your bill and if you don’t do your due diligence, you might be paying a few bucks that you should have earned.

The best thing to do is to get a CPA and a Payroll service. If you need a local CPA click here. If you need a Payroll service click here.

BUSINESS 117– Keep Up with the Bills – Make sure your bills are being paid on time. We all hate paying bills. If you are in a high margin business, you may want to consider getting a bookkeeper. If not, bills will need to be maintaining to current at all time. I know many businesses, especially small restaurants get caught up with not paying bills and as they pile on, the business owner continues to use up the cash and ignore the liabilities. Finally, surcharges, penalties, etc. will drive you crazy and probably stress you out. So keep up the bills and make sure you do you due diligences and always check the amounts. Get a local bookkeeper? Click here.

BUSINESS 118 - Maintain Quality – Make sure your product or service is always at the top of the game. There are many competitors that would like to shut you down. If you are a landscape designer, make every garden the way you wanted your garden to be and within the scoop of your customers’ demands. Do not take short cuts on noticeable items. If you are a restaurant, make sure your food is always fresh and same taste. Make sure the taste is what your customers would like. Example: Do not to make Spicy Hot Food in an area where people would not like spicy food or serve spicy food to a person who requested not spicy. It’s that simple but believe me, there are many workers who do not care. In addition, make sure you always have your products stocked. If you are a fish store and you always run out of aquarium plants, then customers will not come to your store to by fish or plants because customers would like to have a one stop shop place instead of running around town. If you really have run out of a product, do not let your customers walk out empty handed. Make sure you give them a coupon or a free fish next time they come back. Giving a 10% off is a good way to keep that customer for life. In addition, the customer would tell others about your good gesture and refer others to come and shop at your store. To learn more click here.

BUSINESS 119 - Maintain Professionalism - Serve with a pleasure and comfort. Have good smile all the time. People are stressing out already. If you and your workers put on a sad face, you have indirectly conditioned your customers to feel sad at your store. Maintain a friendly face and always talk to your customers with a positive attitude. Never put down your customers. Never yell or disagree with your customers. Put your ego aside. Remember, you have opened a business to make money NOT to make others feel bad about them. Keep them happy and professional and they will come back again and again.

Employees – Again, you are not their friend. Keep a distance between you and them. Remember, you are the one that pays them and they need to do their tasks the way you have trained them. They need to respect you as the boss. If they are wrong, correct them and document the incident. I know this is tiresome to do, but it will benefit you when they are suing you. 1 out of 4 boss will get sued once in their life time. The employee is not the problem but the leeching plaintiff attorneys who think you print money and have an ATM machine is the problem.


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